That’s it. I switched over to OpenOffice. I was previously running Microsoft Office, but I decided to uninstall it and use OpenOffice Suite instead. For those wondering, OpenOffice is an open source project from Sun Microsystems. It does exactly the same function as Microsoft Office Suite.

The suite contains a word processor, a spreadsheet and presentation software. The software is smaller and definately faster than the bloated Microsoft Office Suite. Best of all, OpenOffice is completely compatible with any Microsoft Office document.

After the install, the litmus test was opening up an old Word, Excel and Powerpoint document on my hard drive. I experience no problems with it at all. I’m happy for many reasons. Number one, I’m not breaking the law using someone else’s license. Number two, I’m supporting a worthy cause, the open source project. Number three, it’s FREE. Gratis. People and companies should consider this as an option instead of using Microsoft Office.