I first heard of Haiku in an English Composition class back in college. Haiku is an ancient Japanese poem with a form of 5-7-5 syllables. I wrote this many moons ago as a freshman in college. I can’t believe I still remember this. Maybe it is the mystic of haikus, it makes you remember words easily.

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Mambo Caching

I complained about Mambo being too slow. A collegue told me to turn on caching for Mambo. What a difference! How did I miss that? It’s still a bit slow compared to raw HTML, but is definately much more manageable than before. Previously, my front page couldn’t pass the web designer’s 8 second rule.

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It stands for Concurrent Versions System and not the pharmacy. I’m starting to learn how to use this very powerful software tracking system. It’s quite unique in that it records changes only between multiple revisions or releases of files instead of keeping multiple copies of the same file.

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