Telecom Fits

Telecom companies are having a fit against cities providing free wireless access on public places and residential areas. It’s understandable, residents have no longer need telecom’s service if they can get it for free.

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Blu-Ray Disc Format

By next year (2005), you will begin to see desktop and laptop systems with Blu-Ray disc format, the next generation of DVDs that will enable storage up to 50GB. Currently, DVDs can store only 4.7GBs. HP, Dell, Hitachi, LG Electronics, Matsushita Electric Industrial, Pioneer, Royal Philips Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Sharp, Sony and Thomson Multimedia are behind the Blu-Ray disc format.

Meanwhile there is another competing format called HD DVD or high definition DVDs. This alternative format is capable of storage of up to 30GB. Memory-Tech, NEC, Sanyo Electric and Toshiba are behind this format. It’s unclear which format will be popular a couple of years from now, but I have an inkling that the Blu-Ray format will win over due to its higher disc capacity and backing from major US companies.

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Solaris 10

Sun Microsystems is now offering Solaris 10 for free. Wow, that is big news. So, it looks like Sun is feeling the heat from Linux and other open based operating systems. From what I hear around the industry, Sun is struggling to sell its products because companies have switched to running Linux on systems that were once dominated by Sun systems.

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