Unlocking The Nokia 6800

I recently purchased a Nokia 6800 cell phone from AT&T Wireless. I wanted to unlock the phone so that I can use other SIM cards from another service provider, a very convenient feature especially when traveling outside of the United States. Well, this page contains the detailed steps necessary to remove the restrictions placed on cell phones by your wireless service provider. Why unlock the phone? There are several compelling reasons why you should unlock your phone. It basically comes down to two things: money and service. Here are few of the benefits:

  • I want to use other SIM cards from other service providers other than my own to save some money.
  • I want portability. When I travel outside of the United States, I’m not going to be restricted to my own provider.
  • I want to switch between my contract with my provider to a prepaid service using the same phone.
  • I want better coverage using a local service provider when outside the United States. Signals do vary by provider.
  • I want to sell the phone later. Unlocked phones are much more priced higher and are much more marketable.
  • I have a mistress and I don’t want my wife to know about it. This is a joke, but it’s probably not funny to some people.


  • Software – Cyberman & Hallowman DCT4 Calculator.
  • IMEI number or serial number (15 digits long)
    • located inside your battery compartment
    • or enter code *#06# to display serial number on phone.
  • Another SIM card! (Optional – very helpful in determing if your phone is locked)

The Instructions

  1. Insert another SIM card in your phone. If your phone is not locked, then there is no sense going further. Here are possible messages if your phone is locked.
    • Nokia = “Enter restriction code” or “SIM card rejected”
    • Motorola = “Enter special code”
    • Ericsson = “Enter Correct SIM”
    • Sony Ericsson = “Incorrect SIM”
    • Samsung = “Invalid Network SIM…Enter Code”
    • Panasonic = “Invalid SIM”
    • Siemens = “Phone disabled! NETWORK LOCK”
    • Sharp = “Invalid Network SIM”
  2. Download the software and unzip the package.
  3. Run the program and generate the code.
    • Enter your phone’s EMEI number. (Double check!)
    • Select your country and service provider
    • Select Type 2 for all phones except for Nokia 7650 or 3650. The software generates codes for the following Nokia handsets: 1100, 2300, 3100, 3200, 3300, 3510, 3510i, 3650, 3660, 5100, 6100, 6220, 6230, 6310, 6310i, 6510, 6600, 6610, 6650, 6800, 6810, 6820, 7200, 7210 ,7250, 7250i, 7600, 7700, 7650, 8310, 8910, 8910i and N-GAGE. If you are not sure if your phone is supported, read the recommended links below.
  4. Click the Calculate button to generate the code!
    • There will be 7 codes generated
    • Select code # 7 (recommended)
    • If #7 does not work, try #1 or #5. Technically, all codes should work.
  5. Remove simcard from phone. Power up and enter the generated code.
    • A sample code is provided here: #pw+946132374423631+7#
    • Enter the entire code from first # to last # sign
      • Press * 2 times for “+” sign
      • Press * 3 times for the letter “p”
      • Press * 4 times for the letter “w”
      • If you entered code incorrectly 3 times, then STOP! You are doing something wrong. Double check your entries, e.g. IMEI number, etc.
      • If you entered code incorrectly 5 times, you will not be able to unlock your phone even with the correct code. Don’t worry, your phone is not damaged. You need to take it to a professional phone mechanic. He will unlock your phone for you using a cable solution, which is by the way, available for purchase online.
    • If you entered the correct code, you should see a message saying, “Phone restriction off.” That’s it. It’s that simple!

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I take no responsibility whatsoever to any actions taken based on the contents of this page. I am not responsible for loss, damage or malfunction of any phone equipment as a result of these instructions. I am not liable for any legal action resulting from the use of these instructions. I am not in any way associated with the mentioned links nor am I associated with the software made available on this page.