Programming Frustrations

I had a problem with a PHP script designed to write data to a database. The script calls for inserting several fields to a table. All fields were accepting data except for one. It turned out to be a typo on a variable. This had me stumped for several days. Oh, the joys and frustrations of programming. Typos are really unforgiving.

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Annoying Ad

I just acquired an annoying pop-up called VX2.BETTERINTERNET. I tried removing it by using a couple of adware programs that I have been running on my computer called Ad-aware and Spybot. Well, the annoying ads are still on my computer. It looks like there is no fix right now.

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WP Style Switcher Installed

I just made modifications by installing WP Style Switcher. It’s a WordPress hack allowing viewers to switch stylesheets on the fly. Just click the style in the menu area. Give it a try. The default set to “mars-spirit” for now.

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