I just got a Tivo Direct TV receiver last night. Its pretty awesome. Now, I can record any program I want and watch it anytime I want. Big deal you say. Any VCR can do that. Well, Tivo does one more thing a normal VCR can’t do and that is control real live TV.

This to me is the best feature of the box. What this means is that you can watch normal TV and stop it anytime. When you come back, just hit Play button, and you are back to where you left off. You never miss anything. How is this possible?

Well, Tivo records the channel you are currently watching which allows you to review live TV anytime you want. Did you miss a word or a play? Hey, no problem. Just hit the rewind button and watch it again.

When done, just fast forward and catch up with live TV. It’s an awesome feature. I have a friend that had Tivo for years, and he said he can’t live without it. He loves it. Well, I like it also. Now, if I can only find something worthwhile to watch on TV. You figure with 225 channels, there has to be something good. You’d be surprised sometimes.