Slow Response

If you ever wondered why my other website is slow all of the sudden. Well, it was the Weather box. It behaved badly today, although the weather data collected was still accurate. The response was painfully slow. I noticed the slow response this morning, so I did some investigative work. At first, I thought it was the load on the server since I recently installed a couple of big MySQL databases.

Well, that wasn’t the case because other applications using the same database are working normally. I started turning off all other blocks on my front page and found the culprit after a couple of tries. I still don’t know what’s causing the delay. Maybe, they are doing some monthly maintenance work.

In addition, my other syndicated links from Yahoo, BBC and a couple of other sites have been behaving weird also today. So, who knows what’s going on their side of the world. I’ll just monitor the site’s response the next couple of days. Hehe.. not my fault.