Genealogy Module Now Active

Have you noticed? There’s a new module I just installed. It’s the Genealogy module. Check it out. The program is now integrated into my PHP-Nuke powered website. Applause! Thank you. It took a couple of days of tweaking codes and configurations, but it’s finally working. I just fixed the last problem with my Home Page link.

Bad data entry on my part. I just missed it by one character. It’s amazing how one letter makes a whole lot of difference. So look around my genealogy module and maybe you’ll get to know more my family. Thanks.

1 thought on “Genealogy Module Now Active

  1. A friend and myself have been arguing about an issue similar to this one! Now I know that I was right. lol! I’m still tracing my family back if anyone has info of any Winn family members from High Wycombe get in touch!

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