Guestbook finally working

I have been trying to get my PHPNuke 6.0 Guestbook module to work the last few days. After two days, I gave up on it. At first, I thought about modifying the code, but it was too complicated and I don’t know enough of PHP without breaking the program. Prior to making changes, I made sure I backed up the original files. That was a good thing because I had some very interesting results.

With my patience wearing thin, I scoured the internet for other Guestbook modules written for PHPNuke 6.0, which is the same script engine that runs this website. I saw one and I decided to install it on my server. The installation went well initially, but I did have problems later on with file permissions which were, by the way never mentioned in the installation instructions. After a few minor tweaks I was able to get the Guestbook going. Tada! So now, you can view my Guestbook and enter your own comments.

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