My family is big on genealogy. Years ago, my mom researched the genealogy of the British Royal family. She was able to trace the royal line all the way back to Adam. Sounds impossible? Well, not according to a book published years ago back in England tracing the royals all the way to King Solomon of Israel. From there, you can use the Bible to trace the royal line all the way back to the first man, Adam. Hmm… interesting.

My dad’s interest in genealogy was tracing his own family tree. This was particularly difficult because our family came from the Philippines where there were no written records before the Spaniards. But, despite the lack of any written records, my dad was able to collect a comprehensive list of names to his family tree up to four generations. Most of the data came from relatives by word of mouth.

Three years ago, my brother started recording my mom’s side of the family, the Montinolas. Through the help of my mom and other relatives, my brother came up with an impressive collection of names totaling to about 4000 and up to seven generations. My brother created website called He did most of the data entry using an antiquated HTML editor. The downside to the design was that it was difficult to search for names in this huge family tree.

My contribution to the family’s genealogy is still in progress. Several months ago I stumbled into PHP, a general purpose scripting language for dynamic webpage development. The PHP language is capable of integrating with a backend database such as MySQL which gives programmers the facility to create web pages on the fly. There are literally hundreds of PHP script programs available on the net for free or for a nominal fee. I came accross a genealogy program by Darrin Lythgoe called the Next Generation of Genealogy. I loved what this program can do, so I now use it on my website. It’s a work in progress since it will takes time to input 4500 names into the database.

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  1. I am a distant relative of yours descendant of Guillermo F. Montinola while you and your brother Kerwin Rommel are descendants of Geronimo F. Montinola, both sons of the first known Montinola – Capitan Don Juan Montinola. Kerwin has just finished posting and updating my family line,
    starting with Adela Montinola Bonto-Severo Ferraris Gonzalez of Pototan-Cabatuan, Iloilo spanning five (5) generations down to my grandchildren and totaling 96 individuals including in-laws.

    I am extremely grateful to your family’s interest in genealogy because I have been trying for years to make my family tree and finally the Montinola Family Web site (your brother’s) gave me the opportunity to finally make it a reality. Since December 2004 I have been able to track
    our ancestral tree starting with my grandchildren back to 9 generations.
    Even with the antiquated HTML editor that Kerwin used to create the web
    site he has done a tremendous and outstanding achievement. I do hope
    that the two of you will work together to continue to improve the web site.

    Your own web site is quite eye-catching and your resume is extremely
    impressive. More power and success to you and Kerwin. Don’t hesitate to
    drop me a line or two. I have been in close touch with Kerwin even while
    he travels and continues his ancestral research in the Philippines.

    Sincerely yours,
    Ter Tansinsin

  2. Ter,

    Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad we you were able to link up your family to the big Montinola family tree. I think it’s very neat to be able to see all the Montinolas in one place, one document, one website. Hopefully, we can have a reunion of some sort in the near future. Keep in touch.


  3. Just wondering where I would fit in the GONZALES FAMILY TREE. My parents are TEODORICO “PECOY” BERGONIO GONZALES and TRINIDAD GONZALES PAREDES (maiden name of my mom/middle name of Gonzales also). The parents of my father were PEDRO GONZALES and TOMASA BERGONIO GONZALES, and my mother’s parents were FELIX PAREDES and DOLORES GONZALES PAREDES. Tay Peding (Freida’s father) was the 1st degree cousin of my father. My email is

    1. @teddy ,good day, i would like to ask if you still know the brothers or sisters of pedro gonzales? we have seen lately a vintage photograph of P. gonzales written in spanish the brother of my great grandparent probably taken after the Filipino spanish revolution or during early american period. the picture was given to her cousin Conception lozada gonzales. the original photo is presently kept by our great grand father was dionesio gonzales a small pox vacunador during the epidemic probably during late spanish and early american period. at that time pedro gonzales his nephew was 17 to 20 years old.

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