Systemd vs SysV

Systemd is the controversial project taking Linux by storm. Several Linux distros have or are in the process of switching over to systemd, namely Fedora, OpenSuse, Ubuntu, Debian and Arch Linux. Linux Mint, the currently popular distro, will most likely follow suit. After all, Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu.

What’s the hullabaloo about systemd? Systemd is the replacement for the old SysV, the init system that initializes Linux on boot. Some detractors are saying that systemd is not Unix-like, whatever that means. Some say it’s very intrusive software because it’s not only an init system, but a software suite that handles daemons for login, event logs, virtual devices, cron task scheduling, as well as the network.

If you like to dig more about systemd, here’s a good writeup worth reading from PCWorld.


From Lumen’s website.

Lumen is a “micro-framework” built on top of Laravel’s components, and is the official micro-framework of Laravel. Lumen is built for speed, and is one of the fastest PHP micro-frameworks available – even significantly faster than similar frameworks such as Silex.

However, unlike many other micro-frameworks, Lumen lets you tap into the full power of Laravel’s features, such as routing, dependency injection, the Eloquent ORM, migrations, queued jobs, and even scheduled commands.

Laravel is already fast and powerful, but Lumen strips away many of the configuration and customization options that Laravel provides in order to shave every millisecond possible off of your service’s load time.

The stunningly fast speed of Lumen, combined with the convenience of Laravel’s features gives you a “best of both worlds” micro-framework that is truly a joy to work with.

Windows 10 Editions

Windows 10 is coming. Not quite as good as Winter is coming, but nevertheless, it will be here this summer.

Microsoft just revealed the 5 different editions.

  1. Windows 10 Home – consumer-focused desktop edition
  2. Windows 10 Mobile – smart phones and tablets
  3. Windows 10 Enterprise – Windows Pro equivalent for medium and large corporations
  4. Windows 10 Education – for administrators, teacher and students
  5. Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise – smart phones and tablets for the enterprise

By the way, since my other computer runs Windows 7 Pro, I can upgrade my system to Windows 10 Enterprise.

PayPal is PYPL on Nasdaq

As reported late last year, eBay will spin off PayPal, separating into two entities. The split will happen sometime in the second half of this year. In preparation for that move, PayPal received its ticker symbol from Nasdaq and will be designated as PYPL. eBay’s newly hired president of enterprise growth at American Express Dan Schulman will become CEO of PayPal. PayPal has handled nearly 18 billion transactions and processed more than $1 trillion in payments to date.

TP-LINK TL-SG1008P 4-Port Gigabit PoE Switch

In my previous post, I talked about the TL-SG1008PE, an 8-port Gigabit POE switch. If you need a cheaper alternative, take a look at the TP-LINK TL-SG1008P 4-Port Gigabit PoE Switch. It essentially the same switch, but it only has 4 POE ports instead of 8. It will support IEEE 802.3af compliant powered devices. Notice it’s 802.3af only. It doesn’t support 802.3at. This PoE switch currently sells for $80 at Amazon.